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We love dogs. In all shapes and sizes. It’s our passion. It’s why we do this.

At Barkingham Palace, we understand how important your dog is to you. Because we have and love our dogs just a much. Our team will give you honest and straight forward advice, based upon years of experience.

We believe in quality at every customer interaction.

From the staff to the tools and equipment we use to groom the dogs. We are committed to using the finest products available in the market, which means we are confident in our teams ability to deliver a bespoke service to each and every customer.

We don’t want to follow, we want to be the ‘lead dog’. However this does not mean we need to shout about it, our knowledge and experience means we have a quiet confidence in everything we do.

This passion comes through in all areas of the business. We strive to build a loyal and committed customer base, through meaningful and honest relationships. Our passion for dog care allows us to support all our customers through extensive product knowledge. Our team will encourage and guide you to make the right decisions for your pet, based on your circumstances.

We are committed to go the extra mile for our customers, as we know that your dog is much more than ‘just a pet’. They are a companion and a friend; they are part of your family.

It all starts with the name. We celebrate our British roots but without the stiff upper lip.

We are down to earth and approachable. Our doors are open to each and every dog, Whether it’s your first puppy or a trusted mutt who’s still by your side when the children have flown the coop.

We will support you and provide a simple, no-nonsense service that fits within your busy schedule and will not break the bank. Everyone craves a dependable and trustworthy service, dog grooming is no different. Our pets are a source of great joy, so our grooming sessions are as much a treat for them as a visit to the spa is for you.

We will make sure that your pooch looks as buffed and polished as their owner, after all this is Dubai, darling!

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