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Here you'll find the answers to the most common questions we get asked at Barkingham Palace

If you still need assistance please don't hesitate to get in touch with our reception team we are happy to assist you.

  • What vaccinations are required?
    Please be prepared to provide your pups immunizations before your visit to Barkingham Palace. For optimum protection, vaccines are recommended to be administered 1 week prior to your visit, this will allow your pets immune system time to form antibodies for the highest degree of protection. All vaccines below are required to ensure the safety of your own pup and also all pups in our care :) - DHPPI - Bordetella (kennel Cough) - Rabies We require all pups under 3 years of age to have been vacci checked, we also highly recommend this for all pups of all ages for piece of mind.
  • Do we accept un-neutered dogs?
    We do accept un-neutered male dogs however this is based on a case by case basis following our usual assessment routine. Female dogs in season will not be accepted due to the complications this causes with other pups visiting. Thank you for your understanding :)
  • What's included in my pups day of play?
    All day-camp services include the following :) - Welcome treat & drink (as per dietary requirements) - Daily enrichment activities and mind stimulation games - Fresh filtered water throughout every visit - Health check & complimentary nail care - Lunchtime snack & puppachinos (as per dietary requirements) - Safe, fun & secure playtime with many fur-friends - Photo & pupdate throughout the day - Love, cuddles and one-on-one care whenever needed/wanted - Daily digital report card upon checkout
  • What's included in my pups hotel sleepover?
    All our sleepovers include all day-camp features as well as: - Comfy cozy beds from Molly Mutt are provided by us however we do recommend bringing your pups own home comforts for easy settling in, I.e blankets & toys. - Complimentary Zeal gently air dried range (Beef) is available however we highly recommend sticking with your pets current diet to avoid stomach problems and possible lack of appetite during their stay. - Stainless steel bowls for food and water (slow feeders can be provided upon request) - Nightly movie nights before settling in to bed - complimentary nightly treat after dinner (as per dietary requirements) - Tuck in cuddles for all pups - Daily digital report card with photos, videos & pupdates - Daily coat maintenance throughout stay - Check out basic groom included
  • Dubai is so hot, should I shave my double coated dog?
    Please note at Barkingham Palace we do not offer clipping of double coated breeds! (golden retrievers, huskies, Pomeranians, Pekinese, chihuahuas etc...) Due to the coat of a double coated breed it is required they keep a natural, healthy and maintained coat throughout the summer months especially. Clipping a double coated breed puts your pups at risk of many serious health risks, some being: post clipper alopecia & severe hair loss leading to exposure of the skin and putting them in danger of heatstroke, continuous dry & itchy skin irritations, hotspots & sunburn. If your finding your pup is suffering from the heat, it is common there is a build up of undercoat that needs to be removed, this is natural and is how dogs thermoregulate their coats during hot & cold seasons! Usually in summer pups will shed the most, this is their winter coat saying goodbye preparing them for the summer months. Some pups need extra assistance with this if they have a "triple coat" (i.e Samoyeds, Chow chow's, Malamutes etc...) or if they have been previously clipped and their hair follicles are damaged or just typically if regular brushing is not done in-between grooming sessions. Hair can build up and start to form large clumps that can be hard to naturally disperse on their own, this is where we come to the rescue and recommend our popular de-shed package & mud mask add on. We also offer a hair restore package specifically for pups needing help restoring their natural coats after shaving incidents have occurred. If your unsure of your pups coat type or would like more info, please get in touch via 0544577222 or visit our spa page for our prices & packages :)
  • How often should my dog be groomed?
    We recommend anywhere between a 2-8 week schedule for grooms, this depends on a few things... 1. Your pups coat type (curly, wavy, drop, wire, smooth, double) 2. The type of style required (teddybear, breed standard, summer cut, de-shed, handstrip) 3. How frequent you maintain their coat at home Typically if you require a longer style and your pup has a thicker coat type its required to visit more often (2-4 weeks or 4-6 weeks) to maintain a healthy knot free coat so the style is kept in the highest of quality and your pups feel comfortable. If you typically go for a shorter style a 6-8 week appointment is usually fine but this is also depending on your personal preference. Nail trims typically require a 3 week appointment and we offer free nail trims between appointments for all of our grooming clients on a 2-8 week schedule. If you have any further questions or concerns please feel free to reach out, we can pop you in touch with one of our stylists if your a new client or if your an existing client we can pop you in touch with your pups stylist :)
  • Can i stay with my dog during their grooming session?
    We understand that leaving your pup can be stressful and we truly believe that every dog who visits us here at Barkingham only receives the upmost of care and kindness during any grooming session. We focus on one-on-one grooming and use this time to build a trusted relationship & personal bond with your pups, this is extremely important for your pup to have the most successful grooming journey. Naturally pups will be drawn to their owners making it difficult for their groomer to have their full attention and build that strong connection. It also heightens the risk of injury to either the pup or the groomer and its important we do everything we can to eliminate that risk and for this reason we cant allow owners to stay, however, we are always happy to show owners around our premises prior to them leaving their pups with us! Your pups welfare comes before anything and we will always tailor make each session based on yours & your pups need and requirements :)
  • Does Barkingham Palace offer mobile grooming?
    We don't offer a mobile grooming service im afraid. We only offer an in salon grooming experience as we believe this keeps the highest of quality and comfort for your pups during their pamper sessions :) For convenience we do offer a private pick up & drop off service for our grooming clients, please feel free to get in touch via 0544577222 for more info!
  • What grooming products do you use?
    All of our products are carefully chosen to be of the best quality. Each pups coat type and needs are different and the products will be carefully selected upon consultation by your pups stylist on the day of their visit. We have various products to help with many coat types i.e... - Double coated breeds (de-shedding) - Sensitive skin & allergies - Greasy coats - Light coats - Poodle coats - Hair loss - Matted coats Our brands: - Wilda Siberica (Certified organic) - Doglyness (Certified organic) - Wild wash (Naturally derived) - IGroom (Naturally derived) - Houndsley pet products (Natural, sustainable & vegan friendly) - Madra mor (Naturally derived)
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